Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Street Magic - Healed and Sealed

Healed and Sealed Soda Trick by Anders Moden

This trick is a classic. It was one of my first purchases. I still amaze people at parties with it. Some even think I have supernatural powers.

The Effect: An opened, emptied and crushed soda can slowly and visually heals itself, returning to it's original state-the hole in the top even magically reseals itself closed! To top off this mind-blowing routine you can even open the can with a pfzzzt! and pour the contents out into a glass!

Healed and Sealed Soda Trick by Anders Moden is definetly worth having. If performed corectly, this trick kills.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

David Blaine - Strange Travelers

I haven't read anything about David Blaine for a while so I did a quick search last night. What I found? A few things, nothing new, but I came across the card trick that helped him close the deal on his first network tv special : Street Magic.
It must have been good, right?

Effect: You show someone a batch of twenty cards... all different. You give her ten of the cards to hold.

You now have her just think of one of the remaining ten cards. She never says a word. No one except her knows what card she's thinking of.

These ten cards are counted again. Strangely... there are now only nine. The one card she'd been thinking of has vanished! She's still only thinking of her card it's never been named out loud!

She counts the other ten cards she's been holding ten cards you haven't touched since the beginning. But now she has eleven cards! The strange traveler has arrived... her thought-of card is now staring her in the face!

Strange Travelers by David Blaine - Trick seems very appealing to me. What do you think? If anyone owns this, I would appreciate some input

Jeff McBride - Zoom, Bounce, And Fly

Here's a DVD that I talked about earlier when I first wrote about Zoom, Bounce and Fly.
Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride - DVD

Some people were asking if it is worth getting it. Well, it teaches you very good techniques on card spinning, card juggling, card throwing and card flourishes. So if you are interested in that kind of stuff, you want to add some incredible moves to your act or just want to learn great flourishes from one of the world's greatest teachers of magic, then it is worth getting Zoom, Bounce, And Fly.

Coin Magic - The coin flip

Right hand has a half dollar classic palmed, while the fingers flip another coin into the air a time or two. This is merely a disarming move which tends to show, without saying so, that the right hand holds only one coin. The spectators reason that there is only one because it seems impossible that a second coin could be hidden in the hand flipping a coin in the air so naturally.

Image A shows the concealed coin in the palm and the visible coin ready to be flipped into the air. Coin is caught on the extended fingers as shown in the second image B. Back of hand is obviously towards spectators. That way they won't see a thing.
So practice, practice, practice because it's an useful technique

Greed by Daniel Garcia - DVD

Greed by Daniel Garcia - DVD

This dvd consist of the complete multiple bill change routines with 4 incredibly visual segments including the best ending that leaves everybody laughing.
If you love magic involving money, then I highly recommend Greed by Daniel Garcia - DVD

Watch a preview here:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boris Pocus - Extremely Mental

Extremely Mental by Jay Sankey - DVD

Ingenious mentalism presented in a uniquely entertaining style! Featuring 16 effects guaranteed to hit them right BETWEEN THE EYES! Mind-blowers with clock faces, photographs, playing cards, billets, business cards, coins, pay envelopes, locks and keys.

This DVD also features revealing interview segments during which Boris Jay! shares his unique views on predicting the future, reading minds, ESP, fortune tellers, nurturing a mental state and the importance of the performer's voice.

Extremely Mental by Jay Sankey - DVD is incredible. I recommend this dvd for all levels of magicians, beginners to pro.

Here's a preview of the content:

The Magic Pro Shops

For all of you magic lovers, I found a new magic e-store. It offers over 7000 magic tricks which is an incredible amount. They pretty much cover every category: card tricks, coin & money magic, close-up magic, mental magic, street magic, etc. Also it is a good source from where you could buy your beginner magic and magic for kids.
It offers same day shipping, ships worldwide and for US order over a certain amount, you get free shipping.
Anyhow, don't take my word for it, go have a look:
Magic Pro Shop: Great Magic @ Great Prices

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Magicians - Jeff McBride

Who is he? Criss Angel's fans might remember him from the Mindfreak series, but worldwide magicians know Jeff McBride as one one the world's renowned magicians. He combines magic with mime, dance, Kabuki theater and martial arts to produce a very enterntaining magic show.

He also set the Guiness World Record in 3 categories.
Most coin rolls in a minute – 31 using a single silver dollar. (record is based on the most in a minute, but the coin is not allowed to drop or miss a finger during the set time).

Most consecutive multi-coin rolls – Jeff simultaneously rolled eight silver dollars (four per hand), each completing 18 consecutive coin rolls in a time of 5 min 43 sec. (record is based on the most complete cycles before dropping- one coin in each hand was marked by a pen so that we could count the cycles).

Greatest one handed card scale in a minute – a total of 106 cards cleared a set distance of 12 ft within 60 seconds.

If you would like to learn some flourishes or card throwing techniques I would recommend seeing the Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride - DVD
All his techniques require some serious practice, but the results are astonishing.

Iron body

Here's a nice little "trick". You lay down on 3 chairs. One at your feet, one at your head and one at the center. Your partner removes the center chair and then climbs on you. Can you stand his/her body weight and not fall down?
Please watch and see how (compliments of Sam Noyoun).

Iron Body - You Can Too! - The most amazing bloopers are here

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Magic trick - Win the lottery

Here's a very cool video I received from Dave (from on how to immediately win with a blank lottery ticker. Very cool trick, take a look: